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This course is designed specifically for couples who are determined to work on their marriage, our courses fit into any schedule and can be completed at any time. If you are wanting to improve your connection with your spouse but, for whatever reason, are not able to attend in-person therapy sessions, we are here to help. Check out what our courses are all about by watching the video below.

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We are Made for Relationships Because We are Human

The key to making it through, is not to wait too long to fix your marriage when you’ve reached the point where you’re wondering if you even have anything left in common. Or, wondering; who is this person? Dr. John Gottman said; “if fitness buffs spent just 10 percent of their weekly time--say, 20 minutes a day--working on their marriage instead of their bodies, they would get three times the health benefits they derive from an exercise class or treadmill.”

If you’re saying: We don't have anything in common anymore, we've grown apart, and intimacy is lost. We encourage you to take this course to immediately improve your relationship

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